Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper – Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

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Keep your baby comfy and cozy in the baby nest pillow bed! With its ultra soft and breathable cushioned edges, it can provide your newborn baby that reassuring “cocoon-like” holding effect that keeps them calm and comfortable the entire time.


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Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper – Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

The Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper – Baby Pod Newborn Lounger gives your baby a cozy and comfy place to sleep, and everyone knows that when the baby sleeps calmer, so does the parents! Use the baby nest when you wish to put him close to you when you’re on the couch, in the baby cot, cradle, or in between you the parents. This sleeping pod for babies allows your baby to sleep soundly all night long. It is also a great way to transition from mom’s abdomen to cot. The World Health Organisation (WHO) recommends that babies lay flat on their back to combat sudden infant death syndrome. The frog-like position of the baby pod helps with digestion, promotes your infant’s development, and it reassures your baby by giving him/her sensations similar to the womb. All of these elements combined provide ultimate comfort and make the baby nest a must-have for every baby.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

Why you and your little one will love the Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper – Baby Pod Newborn Lounger? This baby nest perfectly adapts to your baby’s body shape and with an adjustable leg support roll made of micro-granules raises baby’s legs to help with digestion, breathing and colic. The fitted head support distributes the pressure on skull evenly, ideal for keeping baby’s head nice and round and prevent from Plagiocephaly or flat-head syndrome. The shape and design of the newborn lounger cradles the baby in a natural fetal position that soothes the baby by mimicking the cozy environment of the mother’s womb. So now that the baby is outside of it, he or she can still feel safe and secure like he was before. It also allows the baby to enjoy a more deep sleep while reducing the frequency and necessity of holding and lulling them.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

With its ultra-soft material and cushioned edges, the baby nest provides a reassuring “cocoon-like” holding effect that helps in reducing startle reflex and let’s baby play, rest and nap comfortably. The newborn baby nest is made of breathable, hypoallergenic and non-toxic materials. 100% cotton fabric is used for a soft, breathable and non-irritating feel. The internal fillers are also specifically made to be hypoallergenic so the baby or anyone else doesn’t suffer from any allergies or mites, making it safe for baby’s health. The lightweight design and easy to use features make this baby nest a portable must-have. Co sleep with your baby worry free!

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger


  • Deeply contoured sides, anti-roll design, keeps your baby in the proper inclined position safety
  • Baby pillow helps prevent flat-head syndrome and keep a nice round head for your baby!
  • Helps prevent startle reflex
  • Adjustable leg support to help with digestion and breathing. Adjust the leg roll to the size of your little one for a perfect fit from birth up to 3 months (Use until baby rolls over).
  • Ultra-soft micro-breathable fabric: Ideal head, neck and back ventilation
  • Memory foam mattress
  • Universal Size – Fits all types of loungers, bouncers, car seats and carrycots. Can be used with a sloping mattress.
  • Lightweight and Portable

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger

General Advice:

  • Baby nest can be used inside a bassinet in the bed between parents, in a baby cot, a cradle or in a pram, as well as on surfaces like baby mats or sofa’s where the parents watch the infant.
  • If used as co-sleeping recommended position is at adult head level.
  • Place the nest on a flat surface, on a safe distance from edges/ bed edges.
  • Never carry your baby around in Baby nest.
  • Please note that soft objects such as pillows, quilts and stuffed toys should be kept out of the babies sleeping environment.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger


  • Not suitable for babies who are able to turn on their own.
  • Make sure the baby is not getting too warm.
  • Never leave babies that are able to roll or crawl unattended on the baby nest, especially when used on either a flat or raised surface.
  • Intended for babies up to 0-3 months of age (We recommend to stop using when they roll over on their own).
  • Does not replace an approved car seat.
  • Do not share a bed with your baby if you are a smoker, have been drinking alcohol, if you take medication or drugs that make you drowsy, or if you feel exhausted.

Baby Nest Pillow Bed Co Sleeper - Baby Pod Newborn Lounger


  • Size: 55 x 22 x 38cm
  • Thickness: 2-3cm

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Baby Nest


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  1. M***u

    I got this for my newborn grandson and I liked it because it was orthopedic and supported his neck. I’m very happy with it!

  2. Vingloo Shopper

    This pillow is honestly like a miracle. Our little guy is only two weeks and would not sleep anywhere except on mom and dad. Every time we tried to set him down he would wake up and not be able to go back to sleep till he was back in our arms. We were exhausted from taking turns sleeping with him all night, until we got this pillow! The first night he slept 5 hours on it which means we also got a 5 hour stretch of sleep. It was amazing! He now naps in his crib with this cushion and sleeps in our room at night on this cushion. It has been perfect for us and has worked amazingly well. The fabric is breathable, so I don’t worry about issues with suffocation. He should be able to use this till he can roll over and then hopefully he will be used to sleeping on his back independently. I highly recommend it!

  3. D***v

    This thing is awesome! Effing awesome! I got this because I thought the bassinet was too hard for her little body. It has head support and helps her stay on her back. Plus, the leg pillow thing is great! Without it, she flails her legs straight and doesn’t now what to do with them. Helps her sleep “flat” but comfortably “curled” without doing that “head to chest” thing people worry about.

  4. b***c

    Lifesaver when your babe won’t sleep in the doctor recommended bassinet. I tried this after seeing an ad and was shocked how well my baby slept after putting this in the bassinet! I also recently washed (and air dried) and looks great. Only thing I wish is that it was safe to tumble dry.

  5. S***a

    I love the idea of this product and it looks great. Seems to be made well, durable. That said I still think it is a bit overpriced, but so are the other baby nesting products. I have only used it a handful of times at this point. She likes to sleep in it but I haven’t noticed a difference whether I use it or not. She seems to sleep about he same amount of time either way. It eases my mind though so I guess it is more for me than her…

  6. S***D

    I use this product on a daily basis, mostly during the day for the naps, and I love it. We have a bassinet in my baby’s nursery and we needed another one easy to move from room to room during the day / beginning of the night. First I was looking for a DockATot but it’s way more expensive for the same use.

    I think this lounger help my baby to feel more secure while he sleep and I like that he is comfortably positioned on his back. The quality is great and the cushion is really soft. My baby spend hours sleeping on it and we love that we can bring it everywhere with us . It’s also perfect for a co-sleeper when needed.

    I’m really happy with this purchase and I hardly recommend it.

  7. M***u

    My wife and I are very active and have been figuring out a way to bring the baby to the beach so we can both surf and rotate watching her. We were using towels and blankets to try and make her a portable bed and she would always be fussy. Saw this bed nest and figured it was worth a shot. BEST decision ever.

    Its lightweight, portable, soft and cushioned in all the right spots. The leg piece that helps with her gas can be adjusted by velcro to wrap around her little body that makes her feel snug. The head cushioning is soft for her head and leveled to prevent flat spots. The first time we put her in it to nap I could tell she felt very comfortable and relaxed. The lounger gives almost a slight hug around the babys body, and I think she likes that slight pressure.
    Something I also really like and is a huge bonus, is that I can hold the baby in the lounger before she falls asleep and then lay her down with out waking her up. Life Saver! Overall, I am very happy with our purchase and am impressed by the quality of the material and functionality. We use it everyday and recommend to all new parents.

  8. p***z

    Very useful. I use it for my newborn. It has been the best purchase!

  9. K***l

    This was worth the money for sure. My nephew sleeps in this all the time and it’s good for play time when they lay him under his play gym. It craddles him without being restrictive and bulky.

  10. j***r

    Perfect for keeping my baby comfy and in place all night!

  11. p***s

    We love this product!!! Daughter is still 3 months old and uses this thing!!! She sleeps so cozy!!! Helps her with her startle reflex. She sleeps in her crib every night since from about 6 weeks of purchase.

  12. r***x

    Feels high quality! Works well to cozy my baby up when i keep her with me in the living room . Thank you! 🙂

  13. Vingloo Shopper

    Helped tremendously with our babies sleep. I was nervous to have him sleep in it, because, it is still not a safe sleep item. But, he loved it!

  14. Vingloo Shopper

    It seems comfortable, although the baby has not been born yet and I have not been able to prove it. It will have to be washed before using it because it smells like ink or some industrial product that I do not know how to recognize, but the smell is the only problem. Anyway, this product looks well finished, it is soft, soft, the color is very beautiful and it has a Velcro on the raised area of ​​the legs to enlarge it when the baby grows.

  15. p***e

    My daughter purchased this for her son. At 2 months she transitioned him from the cradle to the crib in this. He has slept great! Started out at 7 and at 3 months now is sleeping 9-10 hours a night!

  16. A***a

    Absolutely love this body positioner! We use it in our Rock N Play (the one pictured is by Jonathon Adler) to help keep our son’s head from going to one side, prior to using this he would always lean his head as far to the right as he possibly could & at 7 weeks he was already getting a flat spot on the side of his head that he favors over the other. Since using this at night & during naps for the past few days his head is already almost back to being completely rounded again.

  17. L***a

    I use this in my sons bassinet while he naps and it keeps him comfortable and doesn’t move a lot when sleeping, so it helps keep him asleep longer.

  18. c***l

    This profucts is perfect. I used It since my baby was born. He was premmie. The quality is very good. It helps to keep my baby in a good position anywhere: sofa, bed, stroller. He uses it every night and he loves It. Very confortable.

  19. Vingloo Shopper

    i am happy , the product is made good quality.

  20. Vingloo Shopper

    Love this. My infant doesn’t seem to have a flat head (he’s 7 weeks) and he seems comfortable in it. We only use it on a mattress not in a car seat or rocker.

  21. J***s

    LOVE this! My baby was so small when he was born and his stroller swallowed him. This allowed me to start walking early. Before he would slide all over the stroller, and now he is snug.

  22. D***e

    baby rolls over it though. its good and would have it better if my son was smaller a bit.

  23. a***o

    Great quality! I love how you can use it in the baby swing for extra comfort, in the carseat, on the floor or couch etc….
    totally worth the money!

  24. K***o

    A good mattress, I will use a roller in the head and not the legs, it is considered not very useful to lift up the legs. I plan to use for sharing sleep, I prefer this kind of mattress, than a soft cocoon with sides. Great baby bed nest!

  25. Vingloo Shopper

    Our baby slept through the night the first time we used this

  26. K***n

    Amazing product for the price! I fell in love with this in other sites and it was more than twice this prices if not more everywhere I looked! Wish the head part was constructed a little better like model photo that’s why I gave 4 starts instead of 5.

  27. m***a

    Very convenient morpho for our newborn.
    We use it everywhere, on his crib, in the stroller, on a blanket. It helps him laying in the right position. Highly recommended.

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