Car Phone Holder – Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone

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Enjoy better and more secure hands-free phone usage in the car with this magnetic phone holder! Hassle-free mounting is managed in seconds, no tools required!


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Car Phone Holder – Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone

Thanks to its built-in four powerful neodymium magnets, the magnetic car mount is made to ensure that your phone stays securely in place all throughout your drive. It hold your iPhone steadily and without dropping it or even wobbling at all even on bumpy roads. With the Car Phone Holder – Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone, you can safely glance at your GPS while trying to navigate the roads or even quickly peek at who is calling you or if you have any messages. This way, you as the driver don’t need to handle the phone in your hands and put all your attention to it since doing so is very dangerous while driving.

Car Phone Holder - Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone

With a solid metal ball joint in the middle of the magnetic car vent phone holder, you can rotate your smart phone or swivel your display for your preferred position as you like with just one hand. Because of its overall functionality, you can go completely hands-free and safely follow traffic regulations. Built with powerful neodymium magnets, advanced adhesive technology you can have your hands free of your phone at any time while the driving. You can simply attach the Car Phone Holder – Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone on the air vent of your car using it stable four-pin plug clamp and then mount your iPhone on it after sticking the magnetic film on the back of the phone and that’s it!

Car Phone Holder - Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone

The smooth surface of the car mobile holder prevents scratches to be made on the back of your phone. Since it’s designed without large cradle clamps, it will not block your view of things when driving. The reinforced base of the car mount can keep a good grip on the air vent louvers without shaking or waving, regardless of road vibrations or impacts. Made with a solid alloy body, and overall smooth and sleek construction you will love this magnetic phone holder even better when you touch it yourself. You can mount all kinds of iPhones on the magnetic car mount such as iPhone X 8 7 6 6s plus etc. Get only the best quality for your car!

Car Phone Holder - Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone


  • The magnetic car holder package comes with one piece iron sticker by default.
  • If you want more iron stickers, you can buy it in this link. Either of the options for iron stickers available come with 2 pieces per order.


  • Material: Aluminium Alloy
  • Colors: Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Black

Car Phone Holder - Magnetic Phone Mount For iPhone

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Magnetic Car Phone Holder
  • 1 x Iron Sticker


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  1. G***o

    Great phone holder for airwents. Easy to clip on, grips to the vents and stays there. Magnet strongly holds the phone to the mount, doesn’t fall off.

  2. M***a

    This is the best car mount I’ve tried. I have the metal ring on the back of my phone case and it secures to this mount so easily. The only downfall is if I hit a bad bump in the road, the phone will occasionally fall, but it hasn’t been too often and I think its because of the somewhat thick case. It secures to my car vent so much more easily than every other mount I’ve had, using a turning mechanism to tighten. This is a must-have for using gps in the car.

  3. M***N

    I must admit although I couldn’t use this car mount initially because it didn’t come with the piece of metal that should go on phone to stick to magnet, my husband was able to adapt something to phone that worked. I then put the mount on my vent & it tightens so it is secure & clearly visible with phone in place. It is sturdy & does not move like another mount I had tried previously. I think it is a good product for a good price.

  4. A***o

    So easy to install on your car’s vents. Firm and good quality

  5. E***r

    This phone mount works really well! I used the vent clamp option and it’s easy to adjust to fit snugly.

    I have a simple case on my iPhone so it was very easy to place the thin magnet between the phone and the case.

    The magnet works perfectly- it’s easy to place the phone on the mount and adjust it and also remove it. It’s also easy to rotate.

    I love this because it’s so simple to install and universal because it uses a magnet instead of a clamp.

  6. n***v

    This is best magnet phone mount I’ve ever had. I put the magnet between my phone and the case and now I am able to see the navigation app on my phone perfectly.
    The back of part that goes in the car is small enough to fit anywhere. That’s where always I had a problem in the past. Magnets are super strong. While phone is on it I can try to move it up, down and sideways and it will not move. The only way phone comes off is to pull the phone straight up. Perfect!!!

  7. A***z

    Definitely so strong with excellent quality material. Thanks a lot

  8. T***K

    I got this magnetic holder and wasn’t sure how to feel about it. I didn’t want to stick the magnet on the outside of my case and I have a pop socket so wasn’t sure if this was going to work. I thought this magnet wouldn’t be strong enough for my phone and I was wrong! I put the round magnet inside my case (I have a clear casemate case) right above my pop socket and it sticks right away. My phone hasn’t fallen off the holder attached to my vent despite the many crazy turns I take. Would definitely recommend!

  9. m***v

    I love this ! it is small enough to put almost ANYWHERE in my car and the magnet is very strong.
    I have an iPhone 8 plus and it stays on the mount no matter how much the car moves.
    I also like that they include 2 stickers in the package also in case I need to move it.

  10. Vingloo Shopper

    This is my second car mount. I recently purchased a new vehicle and forgot to take my old one out before trading my vehicle. The difference between this one and my old one is that it can be used in two different ways. I installed mine using the air vent. It is very sturdy and my iPhone X hasn’t fell like with my previous one. Another plus is that it can be tilted. All in all, this is a great product.

  11. V***o

    I definitely recommend this product. Its base can attach to my car very easily. The holder is big enough for my iphone xs max. It doesn’t block the phone charging plug so I can charge my phone at the same time. Love this product.

  12. s***w

    This car phone holder is great! It’s super versatile. As you can see in the photos you have more than one way you can attach it in your car. The air vent clip is more sturdy than other clips I have used. It also has an adjustable joint which makes moving the holder around easy!

  13. F***z

    Took me less than 5 minutes to install. I’ve been using it for one week and so far I’ve had no issues. It comes with magnetic strips to apply to your phone.

  14. E***a

    Secure, simple phone mount

    It’s smaller than it appears, which I found to be a very good thing! The magnet is extremely strong and the phone doesn’t fall off going over bumps. I just got it so not sure about durability: I would highly recommend!

  15. I***v

    This was really good for my dad he needed a way to see his phone without having to keep looking down. It’s easy to clip in just snaps in ur vent. He loves it

  16. M***h

    This phone holder is really convenient! It is super easy to put in and remove a phone. I also like that it has an adjustable viewing angle and attaches to the car AC vent to keep my phone cool. It fit mine and my wife’s phone nicely, but probably won’t work with a very thick phone case.

  17. C*********r

    Product is great has very strong magnet and grips to air vent very well. Unfortunately my air vent moved very easily so this product didn’t work for me until I got it fixed. I have the note8 and the magnets hold the phone in place very well though

  18. C****n

    This worked perfect! I ended up giving it to my Father because he liked it also. Will be ordering another one soon!

  19. A**x

    I’m really happy that I bought this phone holder, it’s a perfect fit for my car and always become useful in a lot of different situations.

  20. E****d

    Quick and easy to put in your car holds any size phone light weight and easily attaches to the vents in your car holds strong and your phone does not go anywhere

  21. P**l

    Its fine if you don’t have a thick case on your phone, otherwise its too small.

  22. C***d

    Fits perfecty in the air vent, and I’ve enjoyed using it.

  23. S****r

    This is very useful for holding a phone in a great position to use it on your air vents for quick access and using legal hands free speaker phone calls if you dont have a bluetooth device. It comes with a magnetic strip that you add to the back of your phone which is easily hidden with your case. Excellent device. Highly recommended. Ended up buying more because of how well it works!

  24. J***n

    This is an amazing product…I enjoy the ease of using this mount with my phone and iPod. Couldn’t have made a better choice anywhere else!

  25. D****e

    The versatility of stick on and air vent mount is terrific. Holds up well. Sturdy. Having several metal stick one allows use on multiple devices to be able to change them out. Also the metal stick on doesn’t negatively impact ability to charge the iPhone wirelessly. Highly recommend.

  26. E***y

    Works well. Sturdy and you can move your phone around in every direction. Nit just to left and right but u can tilt it like if the sun is shining and u want to tilt downward. Gave the extra magnet to my boyfriend for when he drives my car. I have the magnet on the inside of my phone case and it works well this way.

  27. K**n

    i use this product to be able to drive and not have to hold my phone. the magnet is very sturdy. i have been using it for weeks and the phone has not fallen off of the magnet once. once i tighten the clip up, i am good to go. depending on how rough the ride is (if there is a bumpy road) then the clip may start to aim down, but its not that bad at all. it was a good buy. sticks right to the vent!

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