Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet – Best Activity Tracker Watch

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Stay on top of all your fitness goals with this waterproof fitness tracker! It monitors your blood pressure, step count, heart rate and more to keep you healthy and active. It even lets you receive notifications for both calls and SMS so you never miss a beat!


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Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet – Best Activity Tracker Watch

Have you been worrying about your health lately but haven’t got the time to actually pay attention? To help reduce unnecessary medical bills, you need something reliable to help keep you in shape. Our gorgeous Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet – Best Activity Tracker Watch with health monitoring is the perfect piece of equipment we recommend you purchase for an effective lifestyle improvement. Ideal for those who have a lot on their schedules and often forget their health. This fitness tracker watch can literally change your life for the better. It’s packed with many amazing features that will help you stay in tip top shape. Simply connect the smart bracelet to your smart phone via Bluetooth and set in the app, you will never miss a call and a message. It will vibrate to alert you if your phone receives a phone call, SMS text and SNS messages including Facebook, WhatsApp, and QQ.

Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet - Best Activity Tracker Watch

Our waterproof activity tracker watch is unlike any other in the market because it is also a great fitness tracker as well as all kinds of features that a fitness junkie would need. It can calculate the steps, calories burned, mileage, and heart rate. This makes it is easy for you to know what extra efforts can keep you healthy in the long run. A selfie fan can also benefit a lot from this smartwatch. You do not need to click a photo with the center button of the camera. The fitness tracker watch offers you the benefit of remote photography with its Press to Take a Photo feature. Reminders of the meeting or a date on the weekend, this smart bracelet will never let you lose the important dates. And always keep you aware of the important times. You can also effortlessly send and receive messages directly from your wrist.

Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet - Best Activity Tracker Watch

The Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet – Best Activity Tracker Watch is something you can wear for many occasions. Either it’s for going to the office on a work day, party, or a marathon, this fitness tracker will not only tell you the time, but will help keep your blood pressure and heart rate in check. If you need various medication at different intervals, these reminders will keep you alerted on time for each dose you need. The elderly can reap the benefits of this Bluetooth fitness watch the most by setting reminders for their medications as well as keeping their heart rate and activity levels in check. This heart rate monitor watch also features a built-in pedometer that can track steps when doing outdoor exercises such as walking and running. A great tool to measure the distance for walking and help you take full control of your exercises. Live your best life the healthy way with this fashionable multi-function smartwatch!

Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet - Best Activity Tracker Watch


  • Health Monitoring – Dynamic and static blood pressure, Dynamic and static blood oxygen, Dynamic and static heart rate, fatigue Monitoring, Sleep Monitoring, Step Count, Calorie consumption, distance, Sedentary reminder
  • Other functions – Incoming Call Alerts and SMS reminder, time, Silent Alarm Clock, music control
  • Alarm – Vibration
  • Data storage: 7 days’ exercise record, 23 days’ total data

Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet - Best Activity Tracker Watch


  • Screen: 0.49inch IPS
  • Bluetooth: 4.0BLE
  • Waterproof class: IP67
  • Compatible system: Android 4.4 above, iOS 8.0 above
  • APP: “Da Fit” (Download in Play Store or App Store)
  • Battery type: polymer lithium battery
  • Battery capacity: 90mAh
  • Duration of standby : about 7 days
  • Chip: Switzerland NRF52832 microprocessor
  • Blood pressure heart rate sensor: YiPuKe-EM7028
  • Three-axis sensor: BMA220
  • Language: Simplified Chinese, English, Korean, Spanish, Japanese, French, Russian, Arabian

Fitness Tracker Smart Bracelet - Best Activity Tracker Watch

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Smart Bracelet (w/ color strap)
  • 1 x Charger
  • 1 x User Manual


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  1. L***r

    I bought one for both my husband and myself. We got them this afternoon, and set them up immediately. This is a very attractive and impressive fitness band. We have only had a few hours to try them out, but we LOVE them already. There is more information on them than on much more expensive fitness bands. We absolutely recommend this product.

  2. L***r

    I have never owned a fitness watch before and was hesitant to purchase one. My summer goal was to lose a few pounds and to track my steps, estimated calories burned, and average HR. With the product I was motivated and able to lose 34 pounds in 2 1/2 months! It was a nice reminder of my goals and I highly recommend this product! Very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. Also very nice, professional looking which is important in my field of work. If you are looking for a device to help track and motivate, buy this one!!!

  3. a***s

    I love this fitness tracker! I have purchased a few of these lately to compare them and this one is an excellent choice for the price. I love the color i got too.

  4. I****p

    Bought this for my kids, she loves it! It was simple to set up, it’s sleek and comfortable,and most importantly, it’s accurate! she could handle the app so far as well.Great for such a low price. Seems to provide accurate readings on Oxygen and Blood Pressure.It counts here steps, calories burned and tells me how much sleep I got.The software is efficient and functions nicely.Besides,the tracker charges up pretty quickly. Great tracker, and I would definitely recommend it.

  5. Y****n

    I’m happy to say this is a comfortable band.It helped me with my sleeping so I am able to know my sleeping quality, at the same time, it can check my hr and bp,this application is easy to use.You have to be close to your cell phone to receive notifications,when your cell phone is in your pocket or purse,that’s good.But the way,i dont like wearing watches or anything on my wrist, but this is light and doesn’t bother me.It’s smooth against the skin.So far so good!

  6. L****y

    So far I am satisfied with this product. I got it mainly to track my BP and beart rate. I thought it was water proof, but upon receiving it, the instructions state otherwise. Terrible instructions that are vague. Basic functons that are adequate for my present needs. It is comfortable to wear. Screen is viewed easily. Charging using usb port was satisfactory.

  7. K*****n

    Having never owned a fitbit, it is hard to compare this to the more expensive brands, however, I can say that for me, this is well worth the money. I am not a huge fitness buff, and was looking for something relatively cheap that I could use to start monitoring my fitness to make a gradual switch to a healthier lifestyle. This watch was easy to learn, responds quickly, and has numerous options. Personally, I love that I can easily monitor my steps, heart rate, and sleep. Great buy!

  8. C****s

    I have used this tracker watch for about a week and have been pleased with it’s performance. The watch is really light weight, comfortable and has no issues with water when wearing it in the shower. The watch paired with the app on my phone easily and connects Everytime to update my tracked info. I do recommend going through all the options and settings with the app and watch. A lot of features are no turned on which you would want. So if your having issues double check the device settings in the app.

  9. O****m

    The screen is bright and easy to read. I downloaded the app to my iPhone and it was very easy to set up. This tracks a number of things; heart rate, steps, KCAL and miles. It also has a stopwatch, tell you the day of the week, date and time. I’m happy with my purchase.

  10. J****s

    This watch is great for tracking your exercise routine. I love t to walk and I always wish that I could keep better time while running and walking the track. This watch has a lot of features. Tracking my heart rate has got to be the best feature about this watch. The fact that it is also stylish and beautiful to wear with anything is also wonderful.

  11. H****m

    This is a great fitness tracker for someone on the budget. Perfect for anyone who wants to change it up once in a while. The charging is easy, take it out and put it in any USB port. It has lots of functions including heart rate monitor and the step tracker. The only downside of the tracker, is the heart rate monitor isn’t really accurate. When manually I try to measure my heart rate manually, it would give me a heart rate of 60. And then the next min it would be around 80. This is all done without any prior exercise and while sitting. I tried to secure it to my wrist as tight as possible too. So if you rely on an accurate heart rate monitor, better stick with Garmin or Fitbit. Otherwise, for general heart rate info, it works fine.

    -multiple color bands
    -inexpensive tracker
    -clear LED display

    -not so accurate heart rate monitor

  12. E****n

    I bought this fitness tracker with a small doubt in the back of my mind, unsure, as I was comparing it to other ‘name brands’. After receiving this tracker, I was surprised that it did basically everything that my sisters ‘name brand’ tracker done. Step Counting, incoming calls, incoming text, as well as sleep tracking to name a few. I am very pleased with this purchase.

  13. R***y

    What a great fitness tracker! I bought this to replace a fitbit I kept losing and this tracker was a great replacement. I felt the look was super sleek and the data tracked to date has been super accurate. The band was adjustable and super comfortable on my plus size wrist. The phone app is super easy to download and user friendly.

  14. D****n

    This thing does it all! From controlling your music volume to taking pictures hands-free on your phone to sleep and oh yea steps. My 9 year old son loves it so much that it is the staple on his wrist every morning. The only downfall is it is sometimes hard to get the screen to come on you have to tap really hard but other than that it is quite comparable to some of the name brand ones.

  15. L****p

    This fitness tracker is so easy to use, very sleek on the wrist and flawlessly pairs with my phone & app! For the money, you cannot go wrong. This fitness tracker even alerts you when you have a text message or a phone call! I ordered the purple strap one.

  16. T****m

    Will not stay synced. Have to keep rebooting or uninstall then reinstall the program. The step counter does not seem that accurate. Would have liked it better if everything worked.

  17. W*****m

    Heart rate was never accurate. Especially during workouts. Battery life is tremendous though. I bought fitbit ionic as a replacement and heart rate on that watch is 100% accurate.

  18. A****n

    This is my first Fitness Tracker, I like to use it when I am running. I like this smart little one have two different color so that I almost have two fitness tracker. I always want to buy one smart watch, but the price is an issue that stop me, but this one is ok. Only one thing I thought the Fitness Tracker can improve which is the screen, maybe they can design better.

  19. Q****a

    I’ve owned four different fit bit models. This is my favorite. Small & lightweight. Easy to sleep in. Buzzes when I get a call, text, alert. Does just what I need it to do. I’m simple. Just want to track steps.
    I would recommend this to a friend!

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