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Glow in the Dark Nail Powder


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Glow in the Dark Nail Powder

Getting a nice and relaxing manicure and a fresh coat of nail polish at your fave nail salon can be one of the best feelings in the world. Thing is, we don’t always have the time to schedule and appointment or have the money to spent so we are left with getting to do it ourselves! And that is totally fine. But the next time you do find yourself wanting to try something new with your nails, why not try putting on and experiment with some Glow in the Dark Nail Powder together with your favorite nail polish! This fluorescent powder provides a nice colorful and neon glow when you apply it over your nails. It adds another layer of beauty and creativity to your already amazing manicure! Choose your desired illuminating shade; follow the recommended powder-polish ratio, mix and glow. Your fingernails will look beautiful by day and after charging by artificial or natural light, illuminate at night giving you the ultimate lasting glow experience!

Glow in the Dark Nail Powder

Some DIY tutorials opt for the use of glow stick liquid, however, this gives mixed results. Our Glow in the Dark Nail Powder, on the other hand, are usually much more effective. Here’s what you need to know about making your own glow-in-the-dark nails. Unlike other nail polish made from glow sticks, these glow in the dark powders mixed with nail polish will never lose its glow. You will, however, have to recharge it under natural or artificial light for a few minutes and it will regain its luminescent potency. We offer an assortment of pigments that is safe to use and mix with a variety of mediums such as resin, rubber, plastic castings, fishing lures, furniture, jewelry, glass, wax, paint, and for this tutorial, nail polish.

Glow in the Dark Nail Powder

To create glow in the dark manicure, all you need to do is to mix in the powder with your nail polish. Usually people use tiny ball bearings that they put in the bottle so that the powder can mix well with the nail polish itself. You can put it in some clear nail polish color or the same color polish as the glow in the dark powder. Then the next step would be to paint your nails with it. UV curing is an option though if you have the gadget, because with it, the glow of your nails will be much brighter and 5x more visible. These fluorescent nail powders have a fine texture, so take care not to inhale it. You only need a minimal quantity of glow powder, about 1 teaspoon or half of it. The more powder you use, the more opaque your nail polish will turn out to be; the less powder you use, the sheerer your nail polish will be.

Glow in the Dark Nail Powder

You may choose to pour the glow powder into the clear nail polish bottle in several ways or put it on the nail as it is and put the clear coat on top:

  1. In the absence of a funnel, you can make one by rolling a scrap of paper into a cone. Stick the pointy end down the neck of the nail polish bottle, and pour your glow powder into it.
  2. If you got your glow powder in a bag, and you already know the quantity in the bag, you can just snip off one of the corners of the bag and pour in the bottle.
  3. Close the nail polish bottle tightly and shake it
  4. Shake it up for a few minutes to ensure the glow powder and the nail polish are well mixed and there are no streaks. You may hear the ball bearings rattling inside; they are ensuring a thorough mix.
  5. Paint your nails as you normally would. Paint with your regular nail polish then finish off with the glow in the dark topcoat.
  6. You can choose to apply a topcoat that is clear (mixed with the glow powder or no). This will help to protect your Glow in the Dark nails against chips and scratches.

Glow in the Dark Nail Powder


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Glow in the Dark Nail Powder


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    Powder glow in the dark, it is quite a lot, for the price it is not just great, it’s perfect !!! It came quickly, 12 days. I recommend to everyone, you will not regret. Not well seen in the photo, but they are very cool.

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    The package was delivered to me after about 10 days. Order very well packed in an envelope with a foil envelope. Order as described. The nail powder works very well. Very good contact with the store.

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    It really works and its soooo cool I still dont know how to apply the dust properly to make it looking good in normal light, but it lights in the dark!!! Also pity that Vingloo has no photos of colours of the dust in normal light and then in the dark, I was sure I receive darker blue dust instead of such “sky” one. Anyway, the fun of having light on nails compensates it ! Shop is very good! I recommend item and Vingloo!

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    The powder is not bad. This is as much as you can see in the description picture. It shines in the uv lamp as you can see, it shines on and shines outside the lamp for a moment and then shines. Works great in my honest opinion. Recommend!!

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    I am delighted. I really liked the product! Nails glow just super! The package was not tracked. In the photo, the yellow gel is in three thin layers and two layers with the addition of phosphorescent powder. Store recommend.

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    Very interesting powder. It does glow in the dark but I am still trying to figure out how to put it on my nails properly.

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    The product is nice but smaller than I expected.

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    Super efficient do not forget to put in the light for the powder to react. the pot is not filled up to the cover it’s a pity but otherwise it’s top quality.

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    the product itself performs its function. Glow in the dark thanks to daylight.

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    The way of applied was !! Two layers of orange gel, a finish gel layer without drying on the orange, I dipped the nail in the powder, I put it to dry in a lamp and these were the results I loved

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    ENG: This is the most shiny powder in this set ♥ I love it!
    PL: To najbardziej świecący puder z całego zestawu ♥ Kocham!

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    still havent tried it yet. i thought there will be more product inside.

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    Great, I’m looking forward to using it

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    Bottle really small. There is not much in it but that is the only thing i have kind of issue with. On the other hand, the powder is well phosphorescent. I ordered in turquoise. It looks nice. Recommend!

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Glow in the Dark Nail Powder

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đź‘Ť 98.46% of buyers said they were satisfied with this product.

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