Mesh Pet Gate Dog Car Barrier – Pet Travel Barrier Dog Gate

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Ensure you and your pet’s safety while travelling with them in a car with this dog car barrier!  Prevent your pet from jumping to the front seats and putting you at risk while driving.


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Mesh Pet Gate Dog Car Barrier – Pet Travel Barrier Dog Gate

This Mesh Pet Gate Dog Car Barrier – Pet Travel Barrier Dog Gate is brand new and made with the highest quality materials. It is used as a barrier or fence for keeping your dogs in the back seat of your car. This particular pet travel barrier is popular with pet owners for its usefulness, ease of use, and build quality. In addition to that, not only is this pet gate useful for vehicles, you can also set it up for your house. It can serve as a dog gate for your kitchen or living room. Set boundaries for your pets!

Mesh Pet Gate Dog Car Barrier - Pet Travel Barrier Dog Gate

The dog car barrier is the easiest and safest way to protect all the passengers of the car including the dog, as well as other motorists from vehicular accidents. Made from High durability 600D Oxford Cloth in net/mesh construction, the pet travel barrier is capable of repelling various pet sizes ranging from small to large. The Flexible Nylon material, sturdy enough and be able to hold forces from even large breed of dogs, light weight but durable.Thanks to its user-friendly design, you can easily set up the dog car barrier in your vehicle or house. It fits almost any vehicle including cars, SUV’s, and trucks. The adjustable elastic straps attach to the handle bars and the bottom of the two front seats to hold the net barrier in place. The see through micro-mesh is guaranteed claw-proof and will not tear or give in to weight easily. The 8×8 small hole mesh reduces the possibility that your pet’s paws and claws get entangled in them.

Mesh Pet Gate Dog Car Barrier - Pet Travel Barrier Dog Gate

So if you are looking for something that will help you to restrict your dog from areas of your car or house, then this Mesh Pet Gate Dog Car Barrier – Pet Travel Barrier Dog Gate is the perfect solution for you! Set it up and take it down in a flash. You will definitely not need any kind of tools for it. Everything is provided making the pet net barrier easy to install. The hooks at top can be attached to either the handles above the bucket seat or the headrest rods, and the hooks at the bottom can be attached to fixtures under your bucket seats or the seat belt fixtures. And when not in use, the pet gate is completely foldable and takes up minimal space for storage. Put it in the trunk or a bag, or even the car seat pockets for convenience!

Mesh Pet Gate Dog Car Barrier - Pet Travel Barrier Dog Gate


  • Material: 600D Oxford Cloth – Net
  • Size: 115cm x 62cm
  • Color: Black

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Dog Car Barrier – Pet Gate


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  1. D***h

    I have a large German Shepherd. While he doesn’t try to climb into the front seat of my Ram 1500 Quad Cab while I’m driving, he will get up there when the truck is parked — and slobber, shed, rearrange the rearview mirror, etc. I’ve used this barrier 4 times with him now, and when I come back to the truck he’s still in the back seat where I left him. If he wanted to, he would be able to bend or pop the aluminum rods across the top. Fortunately he’s not a destructive dog and only needs a gentle reminder to stay in the back seat. It installed easily. The seats don’t have to be set exactly the same. There is a good amount of flex to the netting.

  2. P***r

    I would say that this is definitely a good value buy. I did have to restitch one of the loop holes so I took off a star for that. The small is a good size but I wish that I had gone for the large, that is my fault though. The product seems to be sturdy once properly adjusted and tightened. It’s pretty straight forward and simple to assemble. I like that it comes with a zip soft case to store it when not in use. The mesh seems to be of good quality. I installed this in my 2010 Subaru Outback.

  3. Vingloo Shopper

    I purchased this product with hopes of keeping my dog in the back of my SUV. After much work I got it to work. It would have been nice if there were holes for the S clips on the 4 corners
    It currently is doing the job. I like that the mesh is easy to see through.

  4. Vingloo Shopper

    For dogs, i think the design still has some flaws. The hooks don’t quite work with the door handles of my car like it’s supposed to. The result makes a fairly loose and baggy barrier. I think a small dog could easily get by this one.

  5. D***S

    I love this! I have a 95 pound 9 year old alaskan malamute and a very energetic 11 month old husky. They were both awful in the car, making it very unsafe and difficult to take them anywhere. I was going to buy one that had the metal bars but saw this and since its way more affordable I gave it a go and I am very glad I did! They don’t even try to come up front anymore and it’s sturdy enough that it doesn’t fall down when they lean against it. Very happy about this product, even came in a nice little travel bag. One of the best items I’ve purchased.

  6. U****m

    So far this product has been great! It was easy to install and worked well for my very large dog. I wanted something that came up high and not just to the lower part of the head rests and this was exactly what I wanted. I came home and ordered this screen. I drive a Ford C-Max hybrid and it worked perfectly. I attached it to the hand grasp above the passenger door and to the bottom of the front seat belts on the floor in from the back seat but since my vehicle does not have a hand grasp over the driver side door I easily was able to attach to the driver side headrest and since there is a bar that you insert across the top of the screen it kept it in place nicely. My 100lb dog pushed against the screen to check it out a couple times and it stayed snug in place.

  7. F****k

    My dog kept standing with his front paws on the center console and it really scared me that he would hit the windshield if I had to slam on my brakes. I got this and it’s great! Keeps him safely in the back. It was a little difficult to install as I didn’t really have a good place to hook it underneath the seats, but I managed. Also a medium/small dog can squeeze through on the outer sides of the seats. My dog has managed to do it a couple times, but only when I wasn’t in the car – he’s never done it or tried it while I was driving.

  8. S*m

    I bought this pet barrier to keep our terrier mix dog in the back seat of our Ford Escape while traveling. Our pooch likes to ride with her forepaws on the console between the rest while standing on the back seat with her hind feet. I wasn’t sure how actively she would test the mesh. From the very first ride in the car with the barrier in place she recognized that it meant what we had been saying to her for so long: “Stay in the back”. Also she made no attempts to squeeze her head around the sides of the seats and the doors. All in all excellent results.
    Installation is quite easy. There is no attachment point for the upper corners of the barrier above the doors of my car, but it works very well to use the uprights for the headrests as upper attachment points. Though it took a little searching to find where to secure the lower attachment points it didn’t take too much time. And now installing takes only a couple of minutes.
    Best of all is the price. Other rigid barriers are pricier and I feared would be more hassle to install.

  9. I***n

    I used this for the first time today to take my dog to the vet. Usually he’ll try to kill us while I’m driving by jumping everywhere. Normally I use this pvc contraption that I created but it takes quite a bit of time to set up and it’s not perfect and blocking his passage to the front. So I bought this as a quicker alternative.

    I drive a 2014 camry se. This took me about 20-30 minutes to figure out how to set up for the first time. My car doesn’t really have any obvious spots to hook it on the bottom so I struggled for a bit and had to figure out how to hook it around the bottom of my front seats. Bottom middle hooks were also interesting and they’re held a bit unstably. I wish the adjustable fixtures were longer so that they’re easier to hook. I was worried about them shooting loose if my dog decided to paw at them. This did a good job at keeping my dog out. It’s transparent so my dog can still see me so he doesn’t freak out and it doesn’t block my view of the back windows or my rearview. I think when I’m setting this up in the future it’ll probably take me 10-15 minutes. If my dog does decide to jump at this or scratch his way through he’d probably be able to, so if your dog is super anxious and determined to get to the front then this will only temporarily stop him. I had to move my seats back a bit so that there wouldn’t be a gap created from the space between the center console and my seats. (my dog will totally try crawling through a gap if it’s big enough. So if you’re really short and need to have your seat super close to the wheel this may not be the best option for you. Another noteworthy thing is the hooks have little rubber caps that easily fall off when you’re adjusting the fixtures. If your dog eats weird things then watch out for this.

  10. C****s

    I have a new car and a new approach to where my 3 dogs are, for their own good. I had bought the ‘hammock’ for the entire back seat but it wasn’t enough to keep them in the back. They historically sit in my lap (2 of them) and one on the console and now, they are successfully in the back during every ride because of the effectiveness of your pet barrier. I had to work with the straps to make sure that the fit was firm and secure and believe the width and height to be perfect for my 2018, CRV. I take them out for short rides for acclimation and they are getting more comfortable, but not in the beginning!!!! They can see me and the mesh net allows for ventilation during their time out with me. I am very satisfied with your product and pleased that I kept looking until I found one that looked and sounded perfect. Thank You.

  11. E****n

    This is a good product, well made and good quality. I normally never let my dogs ride in the van without being in a crate but had a situation that made it necessary for a short period of time. I tried another netting product and the dogs were able to get around and under it. This net fit well and the dogs could not hindering the driving. It assembled quickly and I was able to leave it up even after I put the crates back in the car. It was used in a Chrysler Pacifica. The only (very small) negative was trying to get the hooks attached. We ended up buying 10″ bungees so we could get the bottom to attach to something solid around the seats.

  12. N**o

    It works great at keeping my 20 lb. dog from getting into the front seat or from burrowing up from the bottom (like she can with other pet nets). The velcro straps do not fit around the headrest of my Kia Soul, like the pictures show to install it, but I was easily able to attach it to the assist handles. Even though the dog only travels in the car once a week I leave the net up permanently. It has done of great job of keeping my husband from tossing trash in the backseat as well.

  13. J***s

    Ive had this for a few weeks now. The only suggestion I could make is. The top section straps should be in Velcro. This would make the product more universal. The only reason why I suggest this, is because I changed the screen to be at my headrest seat level. My dog still stays behind the screen. This is because I have a toddler that I’m constantly handing sippy cups too in her car seat.

  14. E**a

    I purchased the large size, but it was not large enough to serve as a full barrier between the front and backseat in my tiny little toyota prius. It was useful to keep my dog out of the front while driving – he was deterred by it and didn’t try to come visit me over the console. However, he could still get around either side, and if I left him alone in the car, I would find my 50lb dog sitting in the driver’s seat with a stupid grin on his face, waiting for me. I am giving up on this type of product and he is going to be belted in from now on. Sorry buddy!!

  15. J***y

    I am happy! This does exactly what it says. I wouldn’t exactly call it an elegant design – details could be more tidy, and installation could be more intuitive. But for $25 it is well worth it. With just a little effort I have installed it exactly as it looks in the product photo, with the bar at the top of the head rests. (In my car it works best to hook the straps to the visor hinges.) It sits high enough that it doesn’t interfere with rearview visibility, and dogs don’t jump over it.

  16. S***n

    This pet barrier is wonderful although it has a few flaws. The center is not secure at the bottom and needs a bungee cord of some kind to help it stay at floor level. We have four large and one small dog and the small one chewed her way through the netting at the center and worked her way into the front.But having said that all in all it is a great product and does its job well.

  17. D*****s

    My dog is just a clever one, he figured out the proper way on how to jump over it.

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