Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl – Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls

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Effectively slow down your pet’s eating and keep them from getting bloated using this slow feed dog bowl!


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Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl – Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls

This slow feeding bowl is carefully designed to effectively slow down feeding and encourages pet to eat or drink at a slower pace preventing indigestion, vomiting and bloating. Help control canine obesity with the maze in a bowl and a calorie controlled diet!  Eating slower is healthier for your dog since eating too much and too quickly creates problems and real factors of poor digestion for dog. The source of the design of the slow feeder dog bowl is from nature, it imitates the dog’s ancestral canines that forage in the surrounding environment for food, keeping them healthy and active.

Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl - Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls

The unique interactive maze design of the Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl – Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls challenges your pet to exert more effort and take more time in consuming their food. This promotes healthy slow eating, helping prevent obesity, bloat, regurgitation and overeating. The dog slow feeder bowl’s smooth design helps from having your pet’s tongue and mouth from being scratched or injured. The base of the bowl is also widened so as to prevent from being knocked over or toppled over, spilling food everywhere. Suitable for wet or dry food and a great solution for dogs who eat and drink quickly.

Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl - Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls

Make meal time fun for you furry friends! Your dogs are sure to enjoy maneuvering their mouth over the cool and playful patterns of Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl – Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls. Made with eco-friendly material, the food safe and high-strength ABS material of the dog slow feeder is safe to eat on by your pets. The cheeky and unique design makes the amount of food you put in the dog bowl go further, this allows for time to pass while your dog is being slowed down and they will actually feel fuller with a smaller amount of food. And thanks to the smooth and durable material, the slow feeder bowl is easy to clean up and is dishwasher safe.

Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl - Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls


  • Promotes fun healthy eating
  • Improves digestion
  • Veterinarian recommended
  • Made with food safe materials
  • Aids in proper portioning of your dog’s food

Small Slow Feed Dog Bowl - Dog Slow Feeder Pet Bowls


  • After dinner, immediately wash the dog bowl to avoid ants, mosquitoes, flies and other insects.
  • DO NOT microwave


  • Material: ABS
  • Size: 20 x 4.5cm (Bottom length x Tall)
  • Package Include:
  • Color: Blue

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Slow Feed Dog Bowl


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  1. m***r

    I am very happy with this dog bowl. Our puppy is 10 months old and eats 1.5 cups of food at each meal. Before he was eating out of a standard bowl, would finish in about 30 seconds, and then go steal food from our other dog’s bowl while she was still eating. Now he is the last one finished. I also like that it provides some mental stimulation. I think we will just put a rubber mat underneath the dog bowl to keep it fro moving around much, since it does a bit.

  2. S***n

    I was very sceptical about this as last night was the first time I used it, I have a Rottweiler and she is a super fast ester, she will choke, spit her food out, and try to eat the other dogs food when she is done with hers, the first time she used this she still ate prettt quick, this morning I just fed her and she is still eating, while my older dog is done , which never happens, so I am really glad I got this, it works amazingly

  3. y***f

    I have trouble finding these bowls in larger sizes. Right now I have a St Bernard puppy who was choking himself on his food every single meal. He normally gets 2 cups of food per meal, and this bowl comfortably holds just that. Hopefully he learns to slow down a bit before he outgrows the dish, though I suppose I can always top it up with additional food as needed. The color is cute. He was unsure of the bowl at first and wouldn’t eat his dinner out of it, so I put it up and gave it to him for his breakfast and the hunger won. Once he figured out how to maneuver around the bowl to get all the food it was a pleasant experience. He even stopped eating a couple times, which gave him a chance to breathe and swallow a bit better. Even with the little foot pads he managed to push it around some, but his attempts to flip the bowl over all failed.

  4. M***r

    Our fat beagle Gus would inhale his food and then try and kick his room mate Harvey out of the kitchen and then eat his food as well hence why he is fat. We needed to desperately slow his eating down so that Harvey could have a chance to eat in peace. Well this bowl did the trick even better than we anticipated. Harvey now has plenty of time to eat his food in peace and then go lay on the couch even before Gus is half way through his meal. Highly recommended for very fast eaters. Now if I can only figure out a way to slow my son down at dinner, any thoughts?

  5. A***o

    I recently adopted a 13-year old Chihuahua mix. Before I got him, he had 10 teeth removed and was neutered. He was under anesthetic for quite a while and developed esophagitis, which means he has trouble swallowing. The poor little guy rarely drinks water and many times, he upchucks it almost immediately. I tried other bowls I had, but they didn’t help enough.

    Although he still has issues occasionally, this bowl has helped tremendously. If your dog eats or drinks fast, I recommend this bowl.

  6. W***A

    The bowl is a nice size and made of nice solid plastic. I got another one for water and that’s working as well. Overall, extremely satisfied since my pup ate so fast he got bloated/reflux.

  7. O***a

    My puppies eat so quickly that one had really bad bloat. These bowls slow down their eating a lot, and I’m no longer worried about bloat all the time. Being plastic, I do have to wash them more often than the metal bowls; the plastic kind of attracts dirt. Overall, I’m very happy with these dog bowls.

  8. D***v

    Lucy, now 17 weeks, had surgery for PRAA 2 weeks ago. She was born with this abnormality and I was fortunate to find a surgeon to correct it. Still she eats every meal like it was her last so I purchased this puzzle feeder a couple days ago. Even post surgery she was still regurgitating occasionally due do, I believe, eating too fast. So what was a 20 sec race is now 1 min 40 seconds of chasing the food around the bowl. Right now she eats a mix of kibble, broth, and raw food. And then gets a couple tablespoons of goat yogurt in the same bowl as a dessert. Clean up is easy, I just rinse the bowl and let it dry. She hasn’t figured out how to turn it over but I stand by just in case. It’s got some rubber feet but the bowl still travels a bit. Not a biggie. Perhaps as she grows this won’t be an issue – the fast eating and the regurgitation. But right now this bowl is a lifesaver.

  9. N***a

    This bowl did the trick. My 5 month old Aussie was eating so fast, he’d make himself sick. This really slows him down. Also, his poo had been soft for a month. Nothing I tried helped that problem. The first day of him eating slower, his poo returned to normal. This was an unexpected added benefit. To clean I dunk it in soapy waster with a bit of bleach. This bowl doesn’t slide all over the place, either, like the stainless steel one I bought to try out. My pup eats just over a cup of food at a time. I think you could put up to a cup and a half in this easily.

  10. D***v

    .Had this about a week now. My puppy was eating her food so quick she was coughing and choking on food. I bought the slow feeder off a recommendation and she actually chews her food now thankfully. No more choking or coughing.

    The bowl holds a good amount of food and its easy to wash. Im buying a spare just in case because she eats so much better out of this.

    If you have a fast eater, don’t hesitate to buy. Its perfect.

  11. Vingloo Shopper

    This has tremendously slowed the eating of my Bella. She eats slower and is not getting for food again right away. Also has reduced to just about none the regurgitation she was experiencing from eating too fast! Very pleased!

  12. F***n

    My dog refused to eat once I got this bowl… He is a pug which has a short snout but he wouldn’t eat even a single bite of food from this bowl. Would not recommend for short snouted dogs.

  13. I***a

    This is the perfect thing for a dog who eats too fast. My dog would eat her whole bowl of food in less than one minute and she’s small, which was so confusing. This makes her work for her food and seems to actually excite her since it presents a challenge she has to solve. Now her eating time is closer to 10-15 mins.
    Love this product and would highly recommend for all those dogs that inhale their food. haha.

    The bowl my seem large, but I have a small dachshund (wiener dog) who eats like a great dane. This may not be big enough for large dogs but this size is definitely great for small and medium dogs.

  14. s***y

    We bought this for our 10-wk old AmStaff who was used to competing for food with his siblings. He would devour his meals within seconds, and become extremely bloated and gassy, with hiccups and tummy aches that made him miserable. We tried the trick using a can of dog food inside a larger bowl, and made him eat around the can (similar to th design of other bowls), but that didn’t work. So I found this bowl on Amazon, hoping the small walls within the bowl would slow him down further. It works great! It takes him about 15 minutes to eat one meal, which is enough time for me to get the rest of the family fur babies fed without them worrying that he’ll eat their food, too. His food digests much better, and bloating and gas is very minimal. I do have to use a spoon and help scoop out little traces of food that he can’t get, but now he sits patiently for me to help him get the last bite. As he gets bigger, this won’t be so much of a problem, but the bowl is a little deep for him right now. I highly recommend this bowl design of your pup is a fast eater.

  15. l***l

    My dachshund would always eat his food way too fast. More often than not he would throw it all back up again soon after. This bowl has really helped him slow his eating process and it’s helped his digestive system to improve. It’s not the easiest to clean, but it’s manageable.

  16. P***r

    This slowed my dog down dramatically so he no longer gulps all his food and later throws it up un-chewed. He really has to work at getting his food from all the little areas. I’ve been putting it in the dishwasher every week or two and it is holding up fine so far after a couple months.

  17. A***a

    This bowl is great for our small dog (10lb Pomeranian/American Eskimo mix), and our cat (11lb Tabby.) I use it for both wet food and dry food for our dog, and dry food mostly for our cat, wet food only occasionally.. It really slows down both of them, who each would otherwise finish their meal in about 30 seconds to 1 minute. Now it takes our dog about 5-10 minutes to finish, and our cat 10-15 minutes for dry food and 15-20 minutes for wet food to finish. She is young and VERY food motivated though, so I don’t know if it would work as well for other cats.

    But it’s really great for dry food for our cat because she just scoops out the kibbles with her paw, one by one (which is why it takes her so long!) I like this one for our cat better than the magenta Outward Hound one we have, this one is harder for her.

    For our dog, this bowl takes around the same amount of time as that bowl. Great bowl, highly recommended if you have a small dog or cat that eats too fast and doesn’t mind a challenge.

  18. a***a

    Our new puppy just swallows food down. So we heard to get one of these bowls. I liked the design of this one and it was a good pick. He has slowed down and has to work for his food now.
    But, he still swallows a lot of it without chewing. Not the bowls fault, but just as an FYI for those with a similar issue.
    Bowl was still worth it, he has no problem eating, it takes him a little longer and he’s not swallowing so much that he’s choking. Was worth the purchase!

  19. Vingloo Shopper

    Excellent! At first my dog just turned over the bowl and ate food off floor ,which didn’t help. But then I lodged it between two items and she can’t dump it now. She went from eating her food in less than a minute, to taking 15 or 20 minutes to eat. I find it keeps her way more satisfied.

  20. o***e

    Love this bowl! We got a new rescue dog and she was eating so quickly she would throw up. I got this set as I knew I would need two bowls, one for the new dog and one for my older dog so there wouldn’t be any food stealing. I think the design of the bowls is really good and so far my new dog hasn’t figured out any way to get around eating slowly. Highly recommend!

  21. F***a

    This product is great. We have an English bulldog puppy that absolutely loves to eat like nothing I’ve ever seen (even more than our 7 year old English bulldog). This bowl slows her down and really makes her work for her food. It’s so much fun to watch her learn how to “trap” her food. Definitely recommend if your dog eats so fast they don’t even taste it!

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